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Louisville Football Thinks The Triple Crown Winner Justify Is On The Team

Louisville, stay hot! I mean what an incredible cover here. Yeah, the state of Kentucky is a bit different especially when it comes to horses. We’ve seen Louisville and Kentucky football/basketball use horses in some capacity on covers of media guides, but this?

I’m not so certain Louisville football knows Justify is a horse and not an outside linebacker. I mean the way this looks, it just seems like Louisville is ready to suit Justify up. I get it. They need to drum up interest in the program after losing Lamar Jackson and all the negative news last week with Papa John.

Maybe Bobby Petrino or the coaching staff got real emotional after watching Air Bud? They might just think this can work, we’ve all seen Justify run. That horse can easily get you 20 touchdowns a year as a running back.

Also, why is this picture in a barn? Why not use a football field? I have so many questions, but it’s going to be tough to top this as the best media guide cover in college football.