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The Sacramento Kings Are Now One Of The Most Important Teams In The NBA With This Trade

I know the names here aren’t flashy but this is an important trade for two reasons – one for each team. Let’s start with the Kings here, who now hilariously have Willie Cauley-Stein, Skal, Harry Giles, Marvin Bagley and Deyonta Davis all on the roster. You truly can never have too many young bigs apparently.

But, what this trade did is give the Kings over $20 million in free agency this year. With names like Clint Capela, Marcus Smart, Montrezl Harrell and even Rodney Hood still out there they can bring in some decent pieces. Perhaps they want to throw a bunch of money at Capela and then package some of the younger guys for some low picks? Maybe they throw $10 million at each of Smart and Harrell? Maybe they bring in Smart and Hood and add depth to the wing. There’s a lot of options here now with the $20 million.

The Kings aren’t going to be good this year. That’s fine. They don’t need to be. They can build a young core with guys like De’Aaron Fox, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Buddy Hield, all those bigs and whoever they bring in. That’s worth the risk that you hope they turn into something. Either way the Kings can absolutely be a problem for some teams that are looking at these guys either by upping the contract value or straight signing them.

For the Grizzlies, this just shows they are trying to compete this year. The moves they’ve made and now adding Garrett Temple on the wing, who is someone that can help right away shows they don’t want to tank for a second year. I get it. They have Conley and Gasol and they’ve never been one to tank nor do their front office thinks that way, but they need to tank. They can’t win now. They are at a max like 6 seed or so.

Either way, cue the music.