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Buster Olney Awkwardly Trying To Interview Bryce Harper Was My Favorite Part Of The Home Run Derby

Laugh out loud funny. Easily my favorite part of the home run derby last night. Yea the home runs were #epic and Bryce harper hitting 9 home runs in 47 second was #dope but nothing beats what we just watched. Buster Olney just getting pushed around the ring for a full 30 seconds by Harper. So awkward and so funny. I mean Harper acts like he doesn’t even see Olney. I’ve never seen someone get bullied so mercilessly on national TV. Did Buster ever get the interview? I was laughing too hard last night to keep watching. I kinda hope he didn’t and Bryce ducks and dodges Buster for the rest of his career. Then there’s the moment where Buster goes in for the handshake, gets denied for the 45th time and pretends to wipe something off his face. You really do hate to see that.

I’ve been in a similar circumstance but with 50 Cent. Miss the handshake the first time? Pretend you were doing something else entirely