Ray Allen Picked UConn Over Kentucky Because Rick Pitino Had No Idea How To Act In A Restaurant In the 90s

So apparently Rick Pitino just had no idea how to ever act in a restaurant. He’s having sex all over the tables and in the case of recruiting he’s refusing to talk to the prized recruit because he’s sitting there with his friends. I mean, sure I wouldn’t want to talk to some high school senior when I’m hanging out with my buddies, but then again my job isn’t to recruit.

Allen would have been in the same recruiting class as Anthony Epps and Jeff Sheppard while joining a team that had Tony Delk, Rodrick Rhodes and Walter McCarty as sophomores. Should would have been a nice piece to join Kentucky, which went to three straight title games from 1996-98. Probably would have added one more in 1995 when Ray Allen won US Male Basketball Player of the Year.

The stories about Rick Pitino will never cease to amaze me. I mean this is a guy that’s absolutely a top-5 college basketball coach of all time, but will never be talked that way. You bring up the hookers, the abortion/affair situation and then all these absurd stories from recruiting like this. There’s no doubt that Pitino was a king in Lexington, but not talking to Ray Allen while on a recruiting visit and in the same restaurant? That’s a new one.

Jim Calhoun should send another thank you letter to Ricky P right now.