How About Colin Kaepernick Getting A "Money Is The Root Of All Evil" Tattoo Right After Signing A Contract Extension For Over 100 Million Dollars?






Dude, Colin, totally agree man. Money is the root of all evil. Fuck money. Nothing ever good comes from it. Who wants to be rich? Laaaaame. Quick question though, what exactly is this then?






Seems like a whole lot of evil to me. 126 million evils. A little contradictory there no?



This is like when Kate Upton complains about her tits. Hey Colin, if money is the root of all evil then why don’t you just give me some of yours. I’m going to hell anyway, I’ve lived a pretty deplorable life, why not unload some of that evil so that you can continue to be some morally awesome guy. I seriously don’t mind. Bury me in evil, I can handle it, I’m a big boy. Shower me in evil.




This is essentially your buddy who gets a Chinese symbol tattoo even though he doesn’t know what it means. No chance Colin Kaepernick actually understands what the phrase “money is the root of all evil” means. He was just like whoa, that apple snake and the joker’s pile of burning money from Batman is pretty cool, let’s do it.