Jim Harbaugh Is On A MLB Tour Across America And He's Bringing His Baseball Glove With Him Everywhere He Goes







Last night at the D-Backs game





We all agree that being a grown man with a glove at a baseball game is a total clown move. No one disputes this. But I have to admit, this suits Harbaugh. I actually would be disappointed if he didn’t have a glove. That’s just Jim Harbaugh, he’s the biggest hardo in the world and he absolutely owns it. And that’s the difference, because guys who bring gloves to the game are usually looking for an easy fly ball but not Harbaugh. Harbaugh brings his glove to the game just in case someone gets hurt and they have no one to play long toss with. Or maybe the bullpen catcher is sick and they need a fill in. That’s Harbaugh 101, he’s not gloving it for fun, he’s gloving it for business.




He 100% oiled that sucker up and threw it in the oven to loosen it up before the trip started, no doubt in my mind