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Don't Go To An NFL Or College Football Game This Year Without A Binocular Flask

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My favorite video from last fall was shot inside Kyle Field in College Station:

I was in awe of this girl. I thought she was some mad woman with the engineering skills to take over the world. Luckily, I was wrong.

We all LOVE college football and the NFL. Sometimes it’s nice to watch the game from your couch, but there’s no better experience than watching a great NFL or college football game along with the roar of thousands in a stadium you are in.

However, there are downsides to going to an NFL or CFB game, such as the price of alcohol. We’ve all had a great buzz going through the gates of the stadium (you may have stumbled in) and lost it around halftime. Sure, paying $12 for a beer may get you back to that joyous place, but is it truly worth it? What if you need two beers? Or three? Maybe you’re a broke college kid that needs to bring his A+ drunk game to the 4th quarter on a big 3rd down in your own territory. You think your barely buzzed self is going to bring the top tier decibel levels? NOPE! As Putty from Seinfeld once brilliant put it “hey man, I’m just trying to support the team.”

The perfect way to combat this problem is with these Binocular Flasks:

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On top of saving money from buying alcohol inside the stadium (or for those college football fans out there that stadiums are dry you will have the opportunity to drink inside the stadium), you will help Barstool buy Deadspin. The best of both worlds.

If binoculars aren’t your thing, here are sunscreen flasks:

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