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Mac McClung Continues To Be The Most Entertaining Dunker On The Internet


It’s the summer right now which means we’re getting a bunch of different leagues across the country like the Drew League, Dyckman and Kenner. All have provided a bunch of awesome highlights – my personal favorite being every July the mixtape that DeMar DeRozan puts on at Drew – but this year it’s something new.

It’s Mac McClung continuing to be one of the most entertaining dunkers on the internet. He made a name for himself in Virginia, setting the state’s scoring record, but also with his hops. Throw in the fact he’s a white guard and people run with it even more. The fact is, McClung is just a filthy dunker.

He put on a show with Kevin Porter Jr., at the Iverson Classic dunk contest and now it’s moving over to the Kenner League. Throw in the fact he’s actually looking like he deserves a spot in the Georgetown rotation as a freshman (he wasn’t some big name recruit, as he was mostly a 3-star) and he’s having one hell of a summer.

Let’s take a look at some of the shit he’s pulled off at the Kenner League (video h/t Overtime).

Just a casual one-handed finish after the pass between the legs:

The pump reverse alley-oop is something I would have preferred to do once in a real live game: