CVS Manager Starts Shaking Uncontrollably After Calling The Cops On A Black Lady For Using An Expired Coupon

Jesus Christ, is it possible to look like a bigger pussy than this guy? Let me answer that for you- it’s not.  I understand the importance of upholding the fine print but just give her the discount dude. It’s not worth the embarrassment. The way his hand is shaking you’d think he was standing the middle of snow storm. It’s incredible how out-of-tune he was with his body. If he had listened to it once it started shaking he could’ve avoided the entire situation. Was the coupon fraudulent? Who knows? But it definitely wasn’t worth being emasculated over on national news.

The second she hit him with the “I have ID, I’m happy to share it” he should’ve hung up and played it off as a joke. “Smile, you’re on Can-did-Cam-er-a!” Although that wasn’t nearly as bad as when she corrected him after he called her African American. “I’m BLACK!” Talk about a nightmare. I almost felt bad until I remembered who he was on the phone with. In situations like these, a little common sense goes a long way.

Apparently CVS is ‘looking into the issue’ which is confusing because it seems pretty clear what happened. He called the police when he shouldn’t have and was too afraid to hang up so he doubled down. If it were up to me I wouldn’t fire him. I’d let him keep working, being embarrassed is much worse than being unemployed.