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Group Of Dudes Try To Jump Tyler Ulis In An Elevator, Don't Realize He's Best Friends With Devin Booker

So TMZ Sports  put this video out there tonight as I was getting ready to enjoy a few cocktails and now it has me thinking a couple of things. First, this video is from 2017, pretty damn impressive that nothing leaked from this in over a year as they are reporting it happened in May of 2017.

Second, I wish I had a friend like Tyler Ulis has in Devin Booker. These two have been damn near inseparable since their time at Kentucky. They both ended up on the Suns and Booker was not pleased when the Suns cut Ulis earlier this month – something that still doesn’t make a ton of sense since his contract wasn’t really a ton of money and they needed a backup point guard. Regardless, these guys are damn near brothers with how close they are. I don’t know if I could count on my buddies to make sure they go after a group of dudes after I get jumped.

Third? Do these guys not know about Ulis? This is a guy, while diminutive, got into a fight with DeMarcus Cousins as Ulis was entering his freshman year at Kentucky. He has a screw loose and might suffer from Napoleon Complex and it might be why I loved him as a Wildcat and why he was so damn good his sophomore year there. All I know is if someone is willing to scrap with DeMarcus Cousins that’s someone I want on my side, not someone I want to go after.

All in all, it appears that Ulis/Booker are in the clear in terms of doing anything wrong. Ulis was holding the elevator for a friend when the guys apparently didn’t like that. However, they are instigating anything and there’s clearly nothing wrong with helping a buddy out like Booker did – plus Booker never threw a punch.

All in all, my final thoughts are never jump people or try to start a fight when it’s 4v1 like thes jabronis did with Ulis. There tends to be backup on the way and you never know who that backup is. Also, find you a friend like Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis.