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I'm No Doctor But I Think Lonzo Ball Might Be Out A While

Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans

Ruh roh. Listen we knew Lonzo had a knee issue because LaVar leaked it the second there became a chance that he would be traded this summer. Initial reports were he was going to be all good by training camp and while you never know when it comes to arthroscopic surgery, reports are saying that should still be the case

Little confusing here how the team can say an update will be provided after, yet someone is telling Sam Amick that training camp is still the plan. Sounds like wishful thinking to me. It’s no secret that NBA players and this type of surgery do not mix well. It’s robbed plenty of players of their athleticism and eventually cut their careers short, and while I’m not saying that’s in Lonzo’s future, you obviously prefer for your franchise PG to not have something like this done. You can also kiss goodbye any potential trade involving Lonzo, because its one thing to deal with an MCL sprain or a slight tear, that surgery isn’t that bad. But this seems like it’s something more which obviously makes things tough if you were hoping to I dunno, trade him for Damian Lillard.

Nothing like a Friday news dump though. If Lakers fans are a little sad about this news, it’s OK, you still have LeBron and the internet to help you get through the rehab. Here, allow me to help you