Oakland Needs To Get The Fuck Out Of My Face Thinking They Invented The Nicnkame Shark For Samardzija

I guess this sign went viral yesterday saying how witty A’s fans are.



(Source) Jeff Samardzija has probably dealt with people misspelling and mispronouncing his name incorrectly for his entire life. It’s helpful in weeding out telemarketers, but otherwise not a lot of fun. Samardzija’s trade to the Oakland A’s is going to make his name a lot more prominent, as he proved when he gave up one run in seven innings in his debut: Of course, fans in Oakland haven’t had time to properly learn how to spell “Samardzija” yet, as evidenced by this sign: As nicknames go, “Shark” is a pretty good one. Easy to spell, too.



This is like mutually breaking up with a girl and thinking everything is ok, both of you agree it’s for the better, then finding out through back channels that she’s really into anal with her new boyfriend and is trying all types of new shit (this analogy makes little sense here but that’s how I feel right now looking at this sign). Get the fuck out of here Oakland. You didn’t invent Shark, Shark has been around for a long time. You can have him, hell I hope he wins you a World Series, but just remember who his first was, never forget that. Chomp Chomp was here LONG before your stupid sign.







Would be lying if I didn’t say this felt weird yesterday.