Louisville Does The Smart Thing And Removes Papa John's Name From Football Stadium And School Of Business


In a surprise to no one, Louisville announced today (because who doesn’t love a Friday news dump) that it will be removing Papa John’s name from the football stadium and school of business. The football stadium will now just be Cardinal Stadium instead of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

This all stems from Papa John dropping a hard n-bomb on a conference call. Apparently having a shitty pizza company wasn’t enough for ole Papa John who wanted to be universally hated as well. I mean who could forget him blaming the slumping sales in the NFL on the anthem protest. Yep, that’s exactly why.

Good for Louisville though. The school hasn’t exactly handled shit well recently especially in regards to problems with the athletic department. But, they acted swiftly here and made sure to handle it correctly. Fuck Papa John. That’s the only way to put it here.

Also, good for the Louisville players who made it known they wanted the name change.