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Army Gets Physical & ZBT Interviews Former White House Comms Director Dan Pfeiffer

02:30 Thai Cave Rescue Recap

Chaps imagines the future for Dr. Harris – the Australian badass who left his Thai vacation to assist in the care & scuba-rescue of the trapped soccer team. It’s 10 years later in an old, desert bar….

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11:10 The gang interviews former White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, NBD

Pod Save America‘s Dan Pfeiffer joined us to talk about his new book, Yes We (Still) Can: Politics In The Age Of Obama, Twitter and Trump. We came to the conclusion that the next president will be the one with the dankest memes & hottest hashtags. Or maybe only I came to that conclusion…

He also tells us about the awkward moment when VP Joe Biden introduced him to… himself… (The other White House Communications Director of West Wing fame, ‘Toby Ziegler’).

32:18 Army gets physical

The age/gender neutral test is to be completed under 50 minutes:

-Strength Deadlift: This is a three-repetition maximum deadlift to test muscular strength; it mimics movement to safety and effectively lifting and carrying heavy loads.

-Standing Power Throw: This event involves throwing a 10-pound medicine ball as far as possible over the head and to the rear. It measures upper and lower muscular power, balance and whole body flexibility.

-Hand-Raised Push-ups: This event forces the soldier to go all the way to the floor and raise his hands before coming back up again, measuring upper-body muscular endurance.

-250-Meter Sprint, Drag and Carry: This is five different events within one event — a 50-meter sprint; a backward 50-meter drag of a 90-pound sled; a 50-meter movement; a 50-meter carry of two 40-pound kettle bells; and a final 50-meter sprint. It measures muscular strength, power, speed and reaction time.

-Leg Tuck: A soldier hangs perpendicular to the pull-up bar and brings his knees up to his elbows and back down again for one repetition. It measures muscular strength, endurance and grip.

-Two-Mile Run: The ACFT retains the two-mile run portion of the APFT, which is designed to measure aerobic and muscular endurance.

There’s a whooooole lot of opinions flying around about this one. Personally, I see a whole lot of old salt dogs throwing out their knees & backs.

40:55 Remembering Ensign Sarah Mitchell

Ensign Sarah Mitchell lost her life in a Naval training accident this week. Her older cousin reached out to let us know what a wonderful person she was, and that she had a fiancé who was also in the Navy. We take a moment to send our condolences & remember her.

45:10 Borat tricks Palin

“It takes nearly an act of God to make liberals like myself feel sympathetic towards Sarah Palin, but Cohen is such an asshole he made it happen. I don’t really care that he acted as a disabled veteran; comedy is comedy is comedy… but find a new schtick.” – Chaps

“If he had just posed as a veteran, that’s one thing. I did not like that he posed as a disabled veteran and he went so far as to be in a wheelchair.” – Cons

I’m still flip flopping on the whole thing. I think I need to see it before I decide, but I’m too cheap to have Showtime. Le sigh…

Next week Chaps & I will be out in San Francisco. If you know any cool military spots to see out there, let us know!