Guy In Ohio Starts Kickstarter To Make Potato Salad, Ends Up Raising 11,000 Dollars



COLUMBUS (Andrew Michael/Sean Rowe) — Kickstart is a funding website where people can donate money for different efforts. From trips to houses to film production to, now, potato salad.  Zack Danger Brown, of Columbus, needed some funding for a potato salad and the response has been overwhelming.  While many people have their own special ingredient, you can pick one for Zack to add if you reach a certain tier of donation. You also can get a bite if you donate $5 or more.  The top level of donation is $25 or more. For that you also get an ‘I Love Potato Salad’ hat.  Zack said a lot of the details will be worked out like getting the funders to his house, but he will likely have to ship some of the potato salad out of the country. 



I consider myself a pretty positive person, I don’t have a ton of hate in my heart, but this, this I hate. How the fuck did this guy basically start a joke kickstarter to make some potato salad and end up with over 10,000 dollars? Does he get to keep all of it? Is it real? It can’t be right? Someone from Kickstarter or the internet police has to step in and be like fuck this, this can not stand, everything our society was built on will crumble if random people can make this much money off a bowl of potato salad. Give me a number to call, give me the internet police, I’ll wait on hold for the rest of the day, I swear to god I’ll do it. I just can’t have people getting paid 11k to make a bowl of potato salad. Potato Salad isn’t even good! It’s the thing you put out at a BBQ to make the table look full. Only losers eat potato salad and like it. Are we even still in America anymore?



If this guy had hypothetically speaking sat on the edge of a basketball bench, did nothing and made 25k then I would think a lot differently about this entire thing, but as it stands, I can’t support this type of behavior.