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79-Year-Old JoAnne 'Big Mama' Carner Shot Her Age At The US Senior Women's Open

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Golf Channel- JoAnne Carner was back in “Big Mama” mode. After the Hall of Famer striped the first tee shot in Thursday’s start to the inaugural U.S. Senior Women’s Open, she went out and shot her age. But she was not as thrilled with her 79 as everyone else was. The 43-time LPGA winner showed how competitive she remains expecting more. “I hit some good shots, but I hit some awful shots, really,” Carner said. “I had some 6- and 7-irons into the greens and just really hit awful shots. One went in the water. I was fighting it all the way.” Carner’s score impressed most everyone else. Her return to the game was enough for fans of the golden era Carner represents. At Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Ill., she walked 18 holes for the first time in more than a decade in competition. She made four birdies on the back nine after posting 43 on the front nine. She shot 1 under over the final five holes to shoot her age. “It was good to get 1 under, but anyway . . .” Carner said.

What a legend. Big Mama out here shooting her age at 79 years old! Unless I make it to 105 years old, at no point in my life will my golf score cross with my age. To have that happen at the age of 79 is nothing short of heroic. Most 79 year olds are laid up in a nursing home waiting for the reaper to come get them. Most 79 years old can’t count to 79. Not JoAnne. JoAnne is out there thriving. The best part is she was pissed about it. She said she hit some “awful” shots. JoAnne, you’re 79 years old. All the shots should be awful. You know how everybody always talks about what their dream foursome in golf would be? Well from now on I think I’m gonna have to include JoAnne ‘Big Mama’ Carner in mine. I don’t know a ton about her but I don’t have to. That picture of her smoking a cigarette is all I needed. Donnie said on Twitter that she looks like John Daly’s mom. That’s perfect. I bet she’s a savage out there. There’s simply no way she’s not a fucking blast to play golf with. No way in hell. Absolute legend.