Lebron Going Back To Cleveland Is The Hot Rumor In NBA Free Agency Right Now








I don’t know a lot about the NBA “source” world but I know this, when Caroline’s cupcakes and a random Cleveland radio host says Lebron James is going back to the Cavs you can all but guarantee he’s going back to the Cavs. Just no other way to read into Dan Gilbert sitting in his backyard all day and a cupcake store citing a text message convo. No way will this backfire whatsoever. No chance you’ll get your hopes up only to have them crushed by Pat Riley and his snake oil.



As an aside, I personally hope he does go back to Cleveland. Why not? Fuck Miami, they don’t deserve to watch Championship basketball every season. The biggest question as always with Lebron in Cleveland though is whether or not there is enough talent there right now, because as we learned, getting free agents to come to Cleveland to join Lebron is next to impossible. It’s his home, not theirs. Just remember that Cleveland, I don’t want to see you get crushed all over again, this feels like Decision 2.0, I’m going to be the turd in the punch bowl for you until ink is on paper.




Vintage ESPN move last night. Chris Broussard leaking that he thinks Lebron is going to Cleveland then backtracking and saying he’s just hearing things but it’s not enough for a true report, then Sportscenter citing Chris Broussard and his sources in a story about Lebron going back to Cleveland. Around and around we go








People don’t forget Chris, people don’t forget.