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JJ Watt Helps A Fallen Firefighter's Family And Proves Again He's A Good Human

Wisconsin native JJ Watt has donated $10,000 to help the family of Wisconsin fire fighter Cory Barr who died yesterday in an natural gas leak explosion. Barr left behind a wife and 3-year-old twin daughters.

He didn’t call attention to it on social media or announce it publicly. He just quietly donated to a GoFundMe and did right by a family in need after a horrible loss.

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Once again, JJ Watt stepping up to the plate.

From raising over $37 million for Hurricane Harvey to paying for the funerals of the Sante Fe school shooting victims to donating money for a Texas high school football player who needed emergency brain surgery… he’s always willing to help people who genuinely need it.

But no matter what he does to positively impact the world, there are still people who talk shit about him. It never fails. In fact, I was talking about it today and I got this response:

“JJ Watt donates too much money. It’s obnoxious.”

I just don’t get it. Some people think he’s cheesy, corny, whatever. So what? Some people think he’s attention seeking. Ulterior motives –that are 1000% non-existent, IMO — aside, he’s still helping.

Because I think it’s amazing when people show acts of kindness to strangers, I believe in fairy tales? My bad.

With all the shit bags in professional sports — not to mention, the entire world — why wouldn’t we want to speak highly and bring attention to somebody like JJ Watt? Are we not supposed to like nice dudes? He’s legitimately a really good human, a class act and a great role model for everyone.

And he’s proved it once again despite the haters.