After Almost Not Playing The Event, Phil Hellmuth Won His Record 15th Bracelet Last Night


Andddddd flash forward real quick….

And boom went the dynamite.

Love him or hate him, Phil puts up results year in and year out. He almost didn’t even play the bird at all, and then he went out and won the dang thing. And that’s no small task- wining the 5k Turbo is no easy feat, nor is winning 15 total bracelets with the spotlight always on you.

He gets a lot of shit from the poker community for his antics at the table, which he fucked up so badly this year to the point he bought a player into next year’s Main Event to make up for it

But credit where credit is due, he manned up, showed up, made no excuses, and realized he was lucky to be there, and took down the tournament for a fun $485,082. He seems happy about it.

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