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Elon Musk Says He's Gonna Fix The Water In Any House In Flint That's Still Contaminated

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And we’re back! That didn’t take long for Elon Musk to say he’s gonna swoop in somewhere and save the day. I’m pretty sure Musk is now purposely picking projects where lives are at stake just to see if I’ll be a big enough asshole to say he’s not gonna follow through on it. So fresh off him not saving those kids in Thailand he has now said he’s committed to funding the fixing of any house in Flint that still has contaminated water. To that I say, I look forward to the updates on it.

People need to understand a couple things when I criticize Elon Musk. First of all, I want him to complete all of the things he says he’s gonna complete. That’d be great if he did that. I wanted him to make a mini submarine that saved all of those kids in Thailand. I was rooting for him. I want him to have a 100% success rate. It might not seem like I’m rooting for Elon Musk but I am. It’s just that it gets tired when he does the same song and dance over and over and over and nothing ever works.

I get tweets like this a lot

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Steven, I couldn’t agree more. If Musk actually does solve the contaminated water problem in Flint houses then there is no way to criticize that and I wouldn’t. It’s just matter of him doing what he says he’s gonna do. I’d be a real asshole if I were criticizing a guy for following through on projects that make the world a better place. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m criticizing him for making promises he doesn’t keep.

And lastly, people often say, “Well what are you doing to help?” I’m doing nothing. But I also never said I’d do anything. There’s a big difference between committing to fix a problem and not following through and not committing to fix a problem and not following through. Mr. Musk very much falls into the latter category and I very much fall in the former. I didn’t offer to save those kids in Thailand cause I had no clue how to save those kids in Thailand. I didn’t offer to solve Flint’s water problem cause I have no clue how to solve Flint’s water problem. Yeah sure it was great when Musk offered to help save the kids in Thailand but at the end of the day you and I had just as much to do with saving them as he did.

So I’m rooting for Elon Musk to fix the problem in Flint. Again, I look forward to the updates.