Kylie Jenner Is On The Cover Of Forbes As She's Set To Become The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever

Forbes- Seven newcomers joined the ranks (6 from California), including 4 Instagram-savvy makeup moguls. The youngest is Kylie Jenner, who turns 21 in August. In fact, she is the youngest person to ever appear in these ranks. Half-sister of Kim Kardashian West, who is also on the list for the first time, Jenner has leveraged her massive social media following (110 million followers on Instagram) to build a $900 million cosmetics fortune in less than three years. That makes her worth more than twice as much as her more famous sister. 

Make that money girl! I get that it’s easy to shit all over the Kardashians and the Jenners cause they’re “famous for being famous” but I refuse be a part of that herd. If you’re not impressed by the empire that family has built then you’re just a h8er. Plain and simple. It’s funny when people say they don’t have any talent. If that’s true then it makes their rise to power even more impressive. So they have no talent and one of their own is about to become the youngest billionaire in human history? That’s goddamn impressive for talentless folks. Kris Jenner has a Golden State Warriors-like roster of pop culture stars on her hands. Like it or not, the Kardashians and Jenners move the needle more than any other family on the planet (get dunked on, Royal Family).

It turns out Kylie is maybe the smartest and savviest one of the bunch. “Self-made billionaire”is a stretch cause Kim K and Ray J playing hide the pickle started this shit. But to her credit Kylie looked at the landscape of her millions and millions of fans (basically all females from age like 14 to 29) and thought, “What do they need?” The answer was make up. So she made a make up line and her products move like craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. So crazy that it’s about to turn her into the youngest billionaire ever. Ever! Do you know how long ever is? Think of all the people who have lived and died over the course of human history. It’s a lot. And Kylie Jenner is gonna make billions of dollars faster than any of them. For comparison, #2 on that list is Mark Zuckerberg.

Kylie’s just getting started, too. She doesn’t turn 21 until August. It’s only been three years since she started this cosmetics line. She’s not going anywhere. People continue to hate on the Kardashian family and they continue to laugh all the way to the bank. A very very very big bank.