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While Snatching Up Birds In Rittenhouse Square Is A Strange Hobby, It Is A Certainly An Impressive One

Whoa that’s weird…

So if you’ve been wondering why your order of General Tso’s has been tasting a little different lately, it’s probably because you’ve been getting a little sparrow instead of chicken. No big deal or anything. It’s still delicious and I’d still drink the sauce through a straw. As long as I don’t see it being made then what’s the difference, that’s what I always say.

But anyway, it would appear that we have some serial bird snatchers on our hands here in the City of Brotherly Love. Definitely some strange behavior. I mean you’ll see some characters hanging out at the park in Rittenhouse Square doing all sorts of shit. Skateboarding and smoking drugs are oft the hobbies of choice. But bird snatching? That’s a new one. And while you may not agree with it on an ethical level, you can’t say it’s not pretty damn impressive. The hand speed to pick up one of those fuckers has to be elite. The timing, precision, patience. Everything about snatching up a bird with your bare hands takes years and years of practice. You can tell this chick wasn’t a first timer. Especially considering the reaction after grabbing up one of those suckers, or lack thereof. Lady snatches up that bird and wastes no time with any sort of unnecessary celebration or showboating. She just bags it up and moves on to the next one. If I’m catching a bird in public with my hands, you can bet your sweet ass that I’d have a full blown choreographed touchdown celebration on the way the first time I snatch one up. But this lady knows how to act like she’s been there before. A real pro’s pro. And that’s what I respect about her the most.

The City of Champions never sleeps.