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Kevin Knox Is The Best Player In The NBA* Until Further Notice

*NBA Summer League

Holy shit last night was fun. The Knicks trotting out young, exciting talent with Doris Burke on the call is officially my Happy Place. Yeah the Lakers won the game convincingly and blah blah blahhhh. But Kevin Knox has officially become Must Watch TV for Knicks fans. The first two games we got to see Knox fly, but last night his jumper was on display, specifically when he scored 16 in the third to erase a 25-point deficit. #KnicksTwitter is a goddamn gold mine of videos, gifs, memes, and definitely not premature excitement. I even have Reags sending me text messages that could potentially win me a lot of money and half of a house in Nantucket if I decide to pursue legal action against Barstool.


Again, if you want to talk about how it’s only Summer League and you shouldn’t get excited for pre-preseason basketball, there’s the door. We don’t have time for reasonable logic during the dog days of summer. If I have to hear about how Knicks fans booed the Knox pick because that stupid Crying Porzingis Kid, his dad, and a couple of loud people at the draft that wanted Michael Porter Jr. despite the fact his back looks like Bruce Wayne’s after Bane got his hand on him, then people have to hear Knicks fans illogical love of an 18-year-old that has looked awesome during three Summer League games.

Again, the Knicks season usually goes from optimistic fun to outright dead in like 2 months. After the Christmas Day game, shit goes off the rails. We should be allowed to treat these games as the regular season because of that. The orange and blue number 20 finally got the stink off of it from Injured Allan Houston’s contract as well as Jared Jeffries, Mike Bibby before he started using the same training technique that Smitty did for Rough N Rowdy, and Doug McDermott (no offense Dougie Buckets). If you can’t get excited about the way Knox has jumped off the screen the way Jayson Tatum did last year, you aren’t a basketball fan. Yeah there is a chance he doesn’t look nearly as good when real deal NBA players show up in October. But until then, let me just live in my fantasy world that Kevin Knox is going to edge out Ben Simmons for next year’s Rookie of the Year award.

Oh yeah and the Knicks other potential steal of a rookie Mitchell Robinson looked pretty good as well.