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Jeremy Renner Has Joined Jaime Foxx's Spawn Reboot


(EW)“Jeremy Renner has been tapped to star alongside Jamie Foxx in Spawn, Blumhouse Productions’ upcoming adaptation of the Todd McFarlane comic.

The filmmakers confirmed Monday that the Oscar-nominated actor will play Detective “Twitch” Williams, who becomes an unlikely ally to Foxx’s hellish antihero. McFarlane himself is getting behind the camera to make his directorial debut on the adaptation, which he also scripted, and Blumhouse’s Jason Blum is producing.”

Foxx will play Al Simmons/Spawn, who is a special ops guy who gets murdered by his men and gets sent to hell. Then he makes a bargain with the devil where he gets to go back to see his wife in return for becoming a soldier for Malebolgia(The Devil). Jamie Foxx rules, and I think the addition of Renner helps legitimize this reboot even more. I mean, did you see ‘Wind River’? One of the best movies of last year by a huge margin.

Sorry, but I’ll take any and every opportunity I can to post that scene. They’re two great actors, but I’m not sure if even their combined reputation is enough to wipe away the stink of the first one. Easily one of the worst movies made in the modern era, its highlighted by some of the worst special effects ever put to screen relative to the era it was released. Take a look for yourself if you haven’t seen it before.

Christ, I always forget how bad that cape effect was. Are you excited for this reboot? Think it should be buried? Tweet us and let us know on our reddit.

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