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Hi Haters: Two Truths & A Lie

02:40 Full Swing Into Ice Cream

Hear why Chaps is wearing nothing but golf clothes these days.

03:25 Choose Your Own Adventure

I picked Chaps up from the Newark Airport & we asked Twitter what we should do next:

A) Ride the Coney Island Cyclone
B) Go to Brighton Beach & find Russian nesting dolls
C) Have a hatchet throwing contest
D) Visit Thomas Edison’s house

The poll result?

05:30 Two Sets Of Knives

Chaps has two sets of knives in his home. One for eating, one for… ::throws up in mouth::

07:00 Two Truths & A Lie


1) I broke my back playing rugby
2) I play the viola (slightly bigger than a violin)
3) I can bend both my thumbs completely behind my knuckles


1) I hate the feeling of water running down my legs
2) I will never, ever, ever wipe up my pee that splashes on the toilet
3) I’ve always had an attraction to deaf women, stemming from a soap opera I used to watch with my mom

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