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Woman Goes On An All-Time Rant About Her Personal Life At A Zoning Meeting

Just an unbelievable video. Un-believ-able. I’ve watched it 5 times and I’m still stunned. At first it’s just some lady waddling up to a podium at a boring zoning meeting. It looks like a CSPAN video of a local town hall and then EVERYTHING changes once she starts talking. It didn’t matter when or where she saw a microphone. She had things she needed to get off her chest and the next microphone just happened to be at a zoning meeting in Davenport, Iowa.

She starts firing. She just moved to Davenport. She’s getting a divorce. It’s not final until September 18th. She has no money. Her husband won’t give her any money (not one penny!). Her lawyer won’t help her. Her dad, Marlon Lee Whitmer (a minister!), won’t help her. Her step mother won’t help her. Her real mom’s dead. She doesn’t know why she’s there or what she’s doing. She’s moving to Texas to help children. She’s a very very very loving parent. Her daughter can’t help her cause she’s 20.

It’s at that point that the guy running the zoning meeting very seriously asks her if she has any thoughts about the rezoning of the Portillos. His delivery was a stroke of comedy genius even if he didn’t intend it that way. Just deadpanned the lady after her epic rant and asked her a serious question. And guess what? She does have thoughts some thoughts. She doesn’t like Facebook. She doesn’t like the internet. The goddamn library blocked her password! But no, she doesn’t have any thoughts about the rezoning of the Portillos on 53rd street.

Good luck following that up, Hal Reed.