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Dude Videotapes Women Checking Out His Fake Hog And Calls Them Perverts

Far be it from me to come to the defense of the women population, but if you’re a pervert for checking out the Battle Of The Bulge going down right in front of your face then 99.9999% of the population should affected directly by Megan’s Law. That’s men and women. If there is a certified sledge hammer sleeping across the way from me I’m giving it at minimum a glance 100/100 times. May even try to shake it’s hand and see if it speaks English. Not a perverted thing, just the way it is when the human mind comes across something interesting in nature. Have to pull a Kramer and Costanza with sneaking a peek.

So for the first time in human history, I’m siding with the ladies. No perverts have not been filmed in the making of this video. The least this amateur could’ve done is act upon the interesting eyes or get someone with a real piece who could’ve taken serious advantage. Jon Hammer must have been unavailable.