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Oklahoma Released Its Jordan Brand Football Jerseys And They Did Not Disappoint

Oklahoma joined UNC, Michigan and Florida as football teams with the Jordan Brand jersey. It’s a big time step for Jordan to get a program like Oklahoma and they finally released the new look today. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying, hey Reags, you idiot, they look the same. Stick to basketball you moron.

Look, I’m not arguing any of those points. But, that’s why these are fire. Oklahoma has a clean look and always had a clean look. Doing any drastic changes would have been an awful idea. Oklahoma is just one of those programs that should always have similar looking jerseys with slight adjustments.

One of the biggest changes came in form of the font they are using. Here’s a look at the helmets next to each other:

You can see the slight difference in the thicker lettering, especially with the O. They also added the Sooners to the back of the helmet, a nice subtle touch. Here’s a look at all four jerseys:

I will say one of the things I’m interested in is the white helmet. There looks to be a quick clip during the OU video of a secondary white helmet. That could be a clean look with the red alternates for one game. Either way, good job by Jordan Brand keeping OU, well, OU. Up next is Florida. Those could get a bit crazy as Florida has worn a bunch of different jerseys and you have the tri-color scheme. That release date is the 17th.