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LiAngelo Ball Officially Signs With Los Angeles (...Of The JBA League)

Did LaVar do it again or did LaVar do it again? The Biggest Baller has been telling everyone for years that his three sons would play together in Los Angeles. Well last I checked, GM LeBron hasn’t traded Lonzo from the Lakers (*yet) and the other 2 Balls are playing for the JBA team in L.A. Yeah we can get into semantics about how LaVar said they would play together for the Lakers even though Gelo couldn’t even land a spot on their Summer League roster, or how LiAngelo said he would never play in the JBA.

Right now, I’m taking it day by day. I’ll be willing to play in the G-League and get moved up from there. That’s an option. I’m not going to play in the JBA. I feel like that’s taking a step back for me. If I have to play in the G-League then that’s what it’s going to be. I’m not running away from the work.


Instead of splitting hairs or focusing on how sad this is, lets read the glorious propaganda press release of LiAngelo signing with the JBA!


Now THIS is the sports entertainment I signed up for when I became a Big Baller Stan. 16 year olds giving cliches about it all being a business and spinzones about this guy “surprisingly” not getting signed to an NBA team.

Oh and I can’t forget the team names. The glorious team names. I admittedly thought it was weird that the L.A. team was named the Ballers just like the Atlanta team. So I went to the JBA website to do some investigating and it turns out every team in the JBA is named after the middle B in Big Baller Brand.


Lets listen in on the pregame pep-talk before every JBA game (*Replace Wildcats with Ballers)

Genius. Pure genius. Now every time you mention a team in the JBA, you will subconsciously think of BBB shirts that sell for the low low price of $50 a pop and LiAngelo Ball forever getting buckets against kids younger than him for as long as the league can stay afloat.

And that my friends is how the king stay the king.