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French President Macron Feels So Bad About Screaming At A Kid A Few Weeks Ago That He Hired An 11-Year-Old To Paint His Official Portrait

Source –   From a makeshift studio in a poor neighborhood in Lagos, Waris Kareem produces incredibly life-like works of art.

Waris began drawing at the age six and turned professional at the age of eight, becoming the youngest professional artist in Nigeria. He describes his art genre as “hyper-realism.” His drawings pay great attention and emphasis even the minutest of details.

Waris said he wants to be a great artist known around the world and hopes that his works will be displayed in international museums. 

I’d like to start this blog by giving credit where credit is due. Waris Kareem is without a doubt, one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen. He’s eleven-years-old and his paintings look like they were taken on an iPhone.  He’s thoughtful, considerate, and incredibly in touch with the struggles of his community. Any success that comes his way is well-deserved. Listen to him talk about the symbolism in his paintings.

Incredible. He’s like a mini-Maya Angelou.

That said, the whole “let’s hire an eleven-year-old to do my painting” seems a little suspect. Especially when the guy hiring you is a humorless stiff known for berating children who refuse to call him sir. Remember when this happened a few weeks ago?

Poor kid was trying to crack a joke and ended up becoming the face of troubled youth in France. It rubs me the wrong way. Like it’s a like a ploy to repair his image. Not only that, no one told the kid that painters don’t get famous until they’re dead. What he should do is focus his time on something more lucrative like soccer or selling porn to the villagers a la Cousin Zah. Anyway, I’m not trying to rain on Waris’ parade I just want him to stay woke. And more importantly I wanted to call Macron on his bullshit. I hate that guy.  Now let’s take a look at these paintings.

PS: If he really wants to get famous he should he should team up with these two and become an inspiration speaker. Much more money.