I Need To Find A Way To Join This Football Team Simply So I Can Listen To This Coach's Pump Up Speech

47 days til football season (**extreme Happy Gilmore voice**)

The evolution of the Football Coach Influenced By Social Media is something special to watch.  They see those iPhones come out.  They see them holding it steady getting everything recorded.  They know those phones are connected straight to the whole world wide web.  They know that sitting on couches accepting coffee from Grandma and pitching Mom on the benefits of an XYZ school education is so 2000 and late – making motherfuckers want to run through a brick wall with no helmet is the new recruiting tool of real winners.

Tell me small class sizes and a burgeoning business program appeals more to a football player than THIS SHIT

Oh you get individual attention from teachers in the quest for a high GPA?

Oh you have a chance to go pro in something OTHER than sports?

Fuck all that noise.  We smashing logs.  Pickin em up, putting em back together, smashin em all over again.

I give it 2 weeks before Saban is out there like Paul Bunyan.