Derrick Rose Went Through A Private Workout For Melo To Prove That He's Healthy

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(Source) The Chicago Bulls spent Tuesday courting unrestricted free agent Carmelo Anthony, and brought out just about everyone in the organization to help with their pitch. According to sources close to the situation, the Bulls started their meeting with Anthony by giving him a tour of the United Center and then moved over to their new practice facility. Later, the Bulls’ brass made a pitch centered around the fact that a core of Anthony, Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson – with Tom Thibodeau coaching – would be able to contend right away in the depleted Eastern Conference.

While Rose had went on the record saying that he wasn’t going recruit Anthony to Chicago, he was very involved in the team’s courtship of the superstar free agent, according to sources close to the situation. While at the United Center, sources say that Rose went through a private workout to show Anthony that he’s healthy and ready to compete at a high level next season.



I know some people won’t see this as a big deal but in my mind it’s HUGE. Just Monday we were all wondering why the hell Derrick Rose would openly say it wasn’t his job to recruit and then yesterday he goes out and has a private workout specifically for Carmelo showing him that his knee is ok. That’s quite the humbling experience for a guy who was MVP of the NBA. To not only come in and meet with Melo but workout for him? That’s D-Rose putting his money where his mouth is and stepping up to the plate and I for one could not be happier.


I’ve also heard a few rumblings how all of this grandstanding and meetings and players sucking each other off is pathetic and below the Bulls. Wrong. This is the NBA now, this is how it works. In 2010 when the Bulls were pursuing Lebron they brought Zero players to the meeting in Cleveland. Derrick Rose didn’t pick up his phone or even attempt to talk to Lebron, fine. But guess what happened? He ended up going to the place where Dwyane Wade was actively pursuing him. Lobbying for his services and colluding with Chris Bosh. That’s just the nature of the business now. It isn’t MJ or Bird or Magic’s NBA. These guys don’t hate each other like they used to. Does that sort of suck? Sure, but it’s the reality. And as the old saying goes, adapt or die, and this is Derrick Rose and the Bulls adapting instead of dying yet again. I’m all for it.