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Polish Man Viciously Attacked By His Cat During TV Interview

Click bait city? Maybe. Although I would still call that an attack. That was an unwanted advance by that cat onto the man’s head during the interview. That, by definition of law, is an attack (that’s definitely not a true thing). Pretty weird that they guy didn’t even react though. He was totally fine with the cat crawling all over his head. That guy and his cat have to have a SUPER weird relationship. Like they for sure kiss on a regular basis. He reads the cat erotic poetry. He lets the cat sit on his lap while he’s taking a dump. He puts out a place setting for the cat at the dinner table. He lets the cat drink warm milk straight outta his mouth. All of the weirdest things you can think of between a cat and a human, those two do. They’ve done everything and more. They have no boundaries with each other whatsoever. That’s why the cat was so comfortable jumping on his head even while there was company present. Cat people are weird as fuck.