Warren Sapp Left A Zero Dollar Tip At Sport's Bar Yesterday After The USA Game

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I normally hate these type of things. Waiter does a shitty job, famous person leaves bad tip, waiter tweets it out and makes famous person look like a dickhead, rinse and repeat. But with that said, I just don’t understand how you can give a zero dollar tip. I’ve never once even thought about doing that in my life. 10% for bad service, sure, but a zero dollar tip is basically the waiter called you a motherfucker and spit in your food in front of your face, that’s the only explanation, not simply, they called us “boys”. I can’t understand any other set of circumstance, only cocksuckers don’t tip. Cocksuckers and Mr. Pink.




Warren Sapp, not practicing No Carb Summer

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Double PS


I’ll give Warren credit here, writing “Boys Don’t Tip” definitely softens the blow. Like that’s his rule, sorry, boys don’t tip, don’t know what to tell you, they just don’t.