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Kevin Knox's Impressive Debut Yesterday Has Left Me Completely Reasonable As I Now Expect Him To Become An NBA Superstar

First off, to all the fun sponges that say “Relax, it’s only Summer League”, shut up. I know exactly what it is. I don’t watch a bunch of draft picks and fringe prospects battle for roster spots in July for the love of the game or because Ball Is Life. I do it to load completely unreasonable expectations on the shoulders of young players whose college/overseas highlights I have watched on loop the last few weeks. Most of the time those players fall well short of those expectations and we do the same thing the next summer. Sometimes an impressive performance carries over to the regular season and we all freak the fuck out (Example: The 7’3″ Latvian guy we drafted a couple of years ago). That’s what Summer League is to me. The Mets are usually dead in the water by this time of year, NFL training camps aren’t open, and the Knicks haven’t played a truly meaningful game in about 6 months. Dreaming of what the future could be based off of a handful of games without any true NBA superstars on the court is about as good as it gets as a Knicks fan. I usually have from early July until Christmas Day, and then things go awry. Just let me live in my bubble of happiness for now before all the LOL Knicks tweets start in January or so.

But when the Knicks first points of the Summer League come like this, how can you not get excited?

*Turns on Pusha T Voice* “Kevin Knox is a child!”

He’s 18 years old but played above his age by the way he could use his body to get to the bucket and fighting for the ball. This tweet is so bitter to me as an old washed up Knicks fan but sweet as a Knicks fan that is dying to see Knox blossom in New York.

To be honest, I didn’t know Knox had that type of aggressiveness in his game. Some of those dunks reminded me of mid-90s Latrell Sprewell. The highlights I saw of Knox resembled more of an Allan Houston than Latrell Sprewell. Yeah this was just one Summer League game against the shitty Hawks. But Knox jumped off the screen whenever he got the ball on his way to 22 and 8. He started the breaks, finished the breaks, and made things happen with hustle plays. Sure his threes didn’t fall. But they will. I hope. This is why I love drafting players from Kentucky. I feel like they make sacrifices to their game because they are surrounded by all that talent, but once they go to the pros, their games can truly shine.

As a Knicks fan and blogger, I obviously want Kevin Knox to become a star for a bunch of reasons. But at the top of that list is so he can shove it in Crying Porzingis Kid’s resting bitch face just like KP did and make Crying Porzingis Fan a living, breathing mascot for @OldTakesExposed.

And in case Knicks fans needed any more assurances that they made the right pick, I think The Oakman signing off on Knox does exactly that.

I know how excited Knox’s performance during yesterday’s game made me. I can’t even fathom the feelings rushing through the nether regions of Kentucky/Knicks fan Reags right now.

Oh yeah and Mitchell Robinson is definitely giving Knicks fans boners with athletic plays like this as he gets used to playing organized basketball.

Can’t wait for tonight’s game against the Jazz to build the hype train even more or to come up with excuses for why the Baby Knicks struggled.

Now buy a shirt and hop onto the Kevin Knox hype train before it gets too full (which could be 1 minute into tonight’s game).