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With Free Agency Happening, What Player/Jersey Combo Has Looked The Weirdest

So I started thinking about this over the weekend, especially after the Tony Parker news. There are just some guys that should never wear a different jersey and Parker is one of them. So it got me thinking what are some of those weird player/jersey combos that never look right not only in the NBA but also across the other major leagues. This will be majority NBA, but added some of the other ones too. Here’s my list, which I’m sure I’ll forget some people, so let me know your pick either in the comment section or on Twitter @barstoolreags.

Michael Jordan – Washington Wizards


This one goes without saying. Michael Jordan wearing a Wizards uniform will never be normal. Shit, even his 45 jersey with the Bulls doesn’t look right. He needs to be in red and black 23 jersey and nothing else.

Hakeem Olajuwon – Toronto Raptors

I think part of the reason as to why this looks so weird is the Raptors were still a relatively new team when Hakeem joined. Throw in the fact he only played with the Rockets during his career and then went to the purple jersey is just a bizarre look. Outside of MJ, I think this is the one that is the most bizarre look.

Patrick Ewing – Seattle Sonics

You can pick your answer between the Sonics and Magic with Ewing, but I’ll go with the Sonics. You had their weird jersey to begin with and the fact that he kept 33 in Seattle made it even more real. No. 6 with the Magic made it feel like he was a different person, not Knicks Patrick Ewing.

John Starks – Utah Jazz
Just a personal one here. John Starks will always be a Knick. Don’t give me this Utah Jazz shit.

Penny Hardaway – Miami Heattumblr_m906nlVEz91ruj0bpo1_1280

Oh, what could have been for a team in Florida.

Jerry Rice – Seattle Seahawks
Miami Dolphins v Seattle Seahawks

Similar to what I said about Hakeem, it’s the fact that it’s this newer Seattle jersey too that adds to it. If he went to Seattle with their old lighter blue jerseys then it wouldn’t be as weird, but this is just a bizarre look. It doesn’t help that Rice is roughly 45 years old here too.

Emmitt Smith – Arizona Cardinals

Randy Johnson – New York Yankees

Ken Griffey Jr. – Chicago White Sox

Swing is still pretty as shit here though.

Wayne Gretzky – St. Louis Blues

Joe Montana – Kansas City Chiefs