Janoris Jenkins Released A Statement About His Friend That Was Found Dead In Jenkins' New Jersey Home, Which Looks Like It's A Screenshot Of A Text By His PR Rep


Alright, I see both sides of this matter. From Jenkins’ angle, his PR firm probably told him to use that exact, carefully worded text about a death that occurred in his house that his brother is being charged for. When it comes to real life court and Roger Goodell’s kangaroo court, less is more with statements like that and your PR firm should be earning their paycheck writing out a perfectly crafted post.

At the same time, I also see how it looks disingenuous because it’s literally a screenshot of what appears to be someone else’s text message. It makes the viral #ad tweets by Markelle Fultz and Deandre Ayton seem like they are from the heart. Maybe throw a picture of Roosevelt Rene up with that statement as the caption, since you can pretty much write a novel on Instagram. Or just copy and paste it into your Notes app and screenshot it like you are announcing that you are joining The Athletic. Or at least get a picture of the entire goddamn text message instead of leaving out the last sentence. Anything that shows a little bit of effort.

But again, when you are dealing with the death of a friend that could land your brother in jail and potentially yourself on the suspended list because Goodell is Goodell, you have to be extra careful with what you say. The bottom line is everything about this situation sucks.