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Chance The Rapper Got Engaged Yesterday



Well he did it. Chance the Rapper finally turned his baby momma into his fiancee. Chance looking swole these days huh? It’s wild to me that he’s only 25 years old. Normally I’d make fun of someone who’s rich and famous and super talented for proposing at that young of an age but Chance seems like a smart dude with a good head on his shoulders. He’s far more mature than I was at 25.

I gotta tell ya, proposing on the 4th pf July is a stroke of genius. Do a lot of people propose on the 4th of July? I haven’t been on Facebook in awhile so I don’t know. But think about it. You don’t have to plan anything special. The special events are just happening all around you cause of the calendar. Oh you want fireworks when you propose? DONE. You want friends and family around? DONE. You want the day off work? DONE. All of that’s baked into the 4th of July deal. Going forward, you never have to plan something special on your engagement anniversary. It’ll always be full of friends and family and grill outs. Another good part of proposing on the 4th of July is that, sure, it’s a holiday but it’s not a holiday like Christmas. Christmas is such a big deal that you’re an asshole if you propose on Christmas. No one should ever do anything to take away from Christmas. 4th of July though? An engagement fits perfectly with the mood of the 4th of July.

And lastly, it’s easy to remember. That’s always key. I’m a selfish person who rarely lets anyone into my life that isn’t me but when I have in the past it’s very important to the opposite sex that you remember landmark dates of your relationship. The day you get engaged is an important one. So it’s a smart move to tether that day to another important day. Good move, Chance.

#NeverForget when Chance showed up on SNL with Kanye and gave a goosebumps-inducing performance of Ultralight Beam