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Badass 104-Year-Old Veteran Throws Out The First Pitch At A Memphis Reds Game

Gasssssssssssssss. Hammer don’t hurt’em! He put some mother fucking heat on that ball! So much heat that the catcher couldn’t handle it. I just blogged about a 94-year-old lady who killed her son like an idiot. She’s a bad person and she should feel bad and I felt weird after blogging it. So it feels good to clear the blog palette with a 104-year-old veteran throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. There’s a good chance you’re sitting at your job right now hungover as a mule thanks to your 4th of July shenanigans. You’re probably full of regret and shame and burps. Well that video right there is to remind you there’s till some good in the world. Or maybe it made you feel worse cause there’s no way no how you’re gonna be that healthy and that badass at 104 years old. My apologies if that’s where the video took you.