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I Respect How Damian Lillard Is Unintentionally Playing Us All Like A Fiddle

Portland Trail Blazers v New Orleans Pelicans

At this point in the summer, we as NBA fans are all a little on edge. With all these “reports” and “rumors” flying around it’s only reasonable that we as fans look to social media for any sort of clue. Well, NBA players definitely know this and are not shy about trolling us. They know we’ll be quick to make something out of nothing just because we’re conditioned to expect anything and everything when it comes to the NBA offseason. You’ll see guys on the Lakers like Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma tweet out shit, but I want to focus on a different player. Are we sure Damian Lillard isn’t trying to tell us something with what he’s been doing over the last handful of days?

It’s no secret he was upset when the Blazers let Ed Davis walk to BKN for basically nothing.

which was quickly followed up by this tweet a little while later

Now any sane person would look at the timestamp and figure that he’s simply going to sleep. But what fun is that? When has a player emoji ever been straight forward without some hidden meaning? Try never. Naturally the internet went bananas trying to figure out what that meant. Is Dame frustrated? Is he saying that the time is up and he’s asking out of POR? Is he being responsible and getting a good night’s sleep? It was all on the table.

Then there was a fake rumor, but rumor nonetheless that talked about the Lakers being interested in Lillard. The rumor was basically the Lakers are interested in trading for either John Wall or Dame, and I won’t tell you whether to believe that or not, you can make your own decision on that. I just care about the breadcrumbs we’re seeing, and this next tweet from Dame really made my spidey sense tingle

Well now. Again, strong chance that this is nothing, but also a strong chance that it’s something. Granted it came right after a tweet talking about how Dame doesn’t really like the idea of forming a super team,  but you know what again I respect the social media trolling. He may not have had any idea that this type of response would go so viral, and that’s the beauty of NBA Twitter. We don’t need much to run ourselves around the craziest of ideas. Now how would the Lakers be able to pulls something like the off? It’s a good question because Dame has a salary of $27M next season, and unless POR would be willing to take Loul Deng and his contract, I’m not sure they have the money on the books to get them there. I’m pretty sure they can’t immediately trade guys like Rondo and KCP, but other than LeBron and Deng, nobody else makes more than $7.4M. That means there would need to be a third team involved which makes the whole scenario highly unlikely, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this if I was a Blazers fan.

In the end, much like it usually is, there is most likely nothing to see here in regards to Lillard and the Lakers, but at this point I don’t think anyone really cares. We’ve accepted the fact that it’s way more fun to speculate based on some random tweets, even if all the facts are right in front of us as to why it can’t happen. NBA players know this and will continue to send us all on fact finding missions as they are probably sitting on their couch laughing at us, but that’s the world we live in.

But seriously if he ends up on the Lakers I will not be happy.