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The Warriors Voting On Dwight Howard Was A Scene Right Out Of Animal House


[Lowe Post] – “I’ve heard and haven’t reported this, and maybe this will get aggregated,” said Tim Kawakami on The Lowe Post. “I really heard this. It’s better than Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard was a ‘no’. That was a ‘no’ in a lot of precincts of the Warriors. Flat out ‘no’. And so DeMarcus Cousins against that backdrop is a thumbs up.

“Draymond clearly a ‘yes’ (on Cousins). Durant probably a ‘yes’. Curry probably. The guys who knew him. Maybe others, we’ll see. “Dwight Howard was a ‘no’. Let’s not do that.”

I can’t stop laughing at this image. This is a combo of Animal House and The Office all rolled into one. I just picture the Warriors sitting in a basement drinking some beer as Steve Kerr puts up all the free agents on the big screen like pledges for a frat.

The moment Dwight Howard comes up it’s just screaming and beer being thrown at said projection screen. I’m assuming that Draymond would be the one screaming like Michael Scott. He’s really just living out this gif:

Imagine being Dwight now reading this report. Here he is healthy and coming off of an actual decent year in Charlotte only to get turned down for a guy who may not play until January. Now, as much as people will say it won’t matter I would have loved to see Dwight on the Warriors. Sure, we’re talking about how Boogie and Draymond’s personality will mesh, but they’ve played together before. Dwight with that would have been even better.

Can’t say I blame the Warriors though.