No One Has Ever Been Better At Their Job Than The Guy Who Wrote The "Water Country" Theme Song

(this blog was previously posted 7/4/18. It's so fucking hot today that the jingle has re-entered my brain and will remain there until Halloween.)

It's been hot as shit all July thus far which means my brain has been cranking the Water Country theme song round the clock 24/4, much as it has ever summer since the first time this jingle graced my ears. The second I step outside and my brain makes the observation, "Boy, it's a hot one today," the following thought is rarely Rob Thomas' opening lines of the smash hit "Smooth" with Carlos Santana. No, 99/100 times I think about that blazing Sun, the weather getting hot, and how nice it would be for a brief respite in a very cool spot.

Non-poors in this same moment probably harken to a vacation destination somewhere in the Caribbean, perhaps the islands of Greece or some of the other palatial landscapes the world has to offer. But not this piece of New England trash. I've never even been to Water Country but as far as I'm concerned it is a haven of shade, good times, and the Fountain of Youth. All because of this jingle, which has been raging in my head for no less than 20 straight summers. You could lock Prince, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Billy Joel, and James Brown in a studio together for a million years and they'd never create a more powerful, wondrous, and majestic 15 seconds of music no matter how hard they tried.

So shoutout to Tom Roussell, the man Wikipedia is telling me composed this jam back in 1985, for creating the greatest Summer slapper of all time.