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Tom Brady Needed A Couple Mulligans On This Hole

Well would you look at that! Even one of the greatest athletes of all time struggles at the game of golf. That’s comforting. Tom Brady is out there looking like Dave Portnoy at Shinnecock. Taking mulligan after mulligan until he got the drive he wanted. If I were one of those Patriot h8ers I would make a stupid joke like, “Oh there he goes again. Cheating per usual with the way he handles balls. No surprise there. The Patriot Way indeed” but I don’t hate the Patriots. I like they way they do business and it clearly works. However, Tom did drop a hard “d*rn it!” which I didn’t appreciate. Not sure how I’m supposed to explain that to my kids but oh well. Still good to know that a seemingly perfect guy like Tom Brady struggles at some stuff. Golf is hard.