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The Indiana Pacers Are Quietly Becoming A Favorite To Win The East

Yeah, we know all about the Sixers and Celtics. There’s no doubt that they are the two favorites to win the East, especially in the public eye. You can possibly throw the Raptors in there considering they were the No. 1 seed last year. That said, this Pacers team is quietly becoming in the same tier, especially if they sign Tyreke Evans.

I absolutely love the backcourt as is with Aaron Holiday and Victor Oladipo. Throw Tyreke Evans in there and that’s one of more entertaining backcourts in the league. Oladipo has that career year last year and I truly believe that’s more who he is as a player compared to what we saw in Orlando and OKC. If you watched the draft show you know I’m high on Aaron Holiday as he provides shooting both off the bounce and spot up. That’s something they didn’t have with Lance on the floor last year.

Evans was on the same deal that we saw the Warriors give DeMarcus Cousins. He made it pay off as he averaged 19.4 points per game and shot 40% from three. He also put up over 5 rebounds and 5 assists per game. He’s a playmaker both as a lead guard and secondary ball handler, so you can  get creative with these three in the backcourt.

We haven’t even discussed the fact the Pacers have Sabonis and Myles Turner as well. This is an exciting young team, that also is coming off of playoff experience. In the NBA that matters. Now, listen, I’m not saying they are competing with the Warriors for a title, but this is a core that needs to start being talked about a bit more, especially in the East, assuming they get Evans, which has been rumored.