Marvin Bagley Tried His Hardest To End Moe Wagner's Summer League Career In Game 1

We had a little first round on first round crime committed last night. Marvin Bagley, the second overall pick, decided to find Moe Wagner at the rim and try his hardest to end his summer league career right there and then. Good for Bagley though. For some reason, the moment the Duke season ended, there became a bunch of questions about his game and his athleticism, which was a bit weird as he was dominating at Duke. Not saying this answers all those questions, but can you see why people think his athleticism is going to be okay?

I actually enjoy Marvin Bagley and his personality. He won me over with him saying for Sacramento to take him at No. 2 overall. A bunch of other players tried to avoid the Kings and didn’t send medicals or flat out came out and said they didn’t want to go to the Kings. Bagley on the other hand was very vocal about wanting to go 2nd overall. He’s got that motherfucker in him and I absolutely love that about a player.

Dunking on someone though is as American as freedom. Gotta love it.