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A Must Watch Basketball Brawl Including Drop Kicks And Selfies

So much for that basketball players don’t want to fight argument. This is a full on brawl between Australia and the Philippines. I mean how about Thon Maker though? Just out here as a giant trying to drop kick these guys? I’m sure the Bucks will be thrilled about seeing that.

There’s a lot going on here though. You have the flying punch from the guard to the Australian big. You have a bunch of scrambling and punches being thrown. You have drop kicks. Just an all around kind of wild fight over in Asian qualifying for the FIBA World Cup.

How about this move though? After the fight you got the Philippines taking selfies on the court:

Just an absolute wild brawl on the court. Gotta love FIBA qualifying.


Love that we’re playing 5v3 in a 30 point game. The Philippines need to find a way to get Collin Sexton on the team ASAP. Only chance they have of competing as he almost beat Minnesota playing 5v3. Just a wild Monday morning.