Sadly, Barstool Sports And America Are Officially In Justin Thomas’ Head

The comments at hand.

It’s sad for all Americans that one of our most talented young golfers hates our fans and hates the truth. We didn’t invent those comments we just reacted to them. Justin Thomas caught himself mid sentence saying he wishes he could have dapper, polite Euros following him around clapping for everything he does. That he hates that in America we demand excellence. We demand toughness. That he hates that when our heroes don’t live up to our high expectations we let them hear it and we see how they handle it.

Unfortunately it’s clear that Barstool Sports and all of America is in Justin Thomas’ head. That he’s soft and can’t handle it.

And on the 4th of July no less.

God bless America and all American fans. We love you guys unlike some other people I know wink wink.