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ALERT: Happy Gilmore Is Now On Netflix

Live look at me

Very exciting news today. Happy Gilmore is my favorite Adam Sandler movie from the era when Adam Sandler used to make good movies. Unfortunately he has piled up such bags of shit on his IMDB in the last decade and a half that I think people forget the run he had. Or worse yet, younger kids don’t know anything about him except for aforementioned bags of shit like Grown Ups and Jack and Jill. That’d be a real shame. I’m here to remind people there was about a 7 year stretch where Sandler made Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore/The Wedding Singer/The Waterboy/Big Daddy/Mr. Deeds. And I guess Little Nicky for you weirdos. That’s a DIESEL run of comedies and Happy Gilmore is my favorite of the bunch.

I say all of that because, as of July 1st, Happy Gilmore is available on Netflix. You can watch it whenever you want. Maybe you already have the DVD so this news isn’t going to change anything. For everyone else, we can now watch Happy Gilmore whenever we want. That’s a comforting feeling more than anything. I’m not gonna watch it everyday (well maybe) but I at least have the option now. It’ll be my go-to pick whenever I’m aimlessly scrolling through Netflix. It’ll hit me, “Oh yeah! I can watch Adam Sandler fight Bob Barker!” Or I can watch Virginia carry beers in lingerie in Happy’s happy place. Or I can watch every Shooter scene cause they’re all hilarious. Or I can watch every Ben Stiller scene cause he borderline steals the movie. The possibilities are endless. Again, I’m just happy (lol get it) that it’s an option now.

PS- People forget that Virginia eventually turned into Claire Dunphy

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