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LA Doesn't Deserve A Hockey Team But They Can Keep The Ice Girls

Since Barstool LA is on “hiatus”, somebody’s gotta step it up and post this 2014 calender shoot video. Actually, probably best if you just watch it on mute. The amount of female banter would make even Elanor Roosevelt grow weary of the vag. I mean listen to the piece of tits try to talk at 3:10. Perfect example to how looks will get you everything that you need in life.

The real question is how many times has Jeff Carter zamboned each and every one of these broads? Probably took a couple of them out from the drudgery that is Los Angeles to the nice, romantic spot known as Sea Isle, NJ. Guaranteed all of them have been plucked more times than the Rose of Tralee.






PS – Stephen Hawking without his chair would fall down less than me on the ice. Can’t skate worth shit, and yes I am embarrassed. #barstoolconfessions