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No Surprise: Gronk is a Fan of Brady Being a Fan of #AssEatinSZN

This is one of those moments when you feel for an A-lister like Rob Gronkowski. When you get a real, accurate look into what it’s like to walk in his moccasins. Not that there’s anything wrong with being asked about his quarterback’s appreciation for #AssEatinSZN. Not at all. It’s entirely appropriate. And Gronk handled with the grace we’ve come to expect from him.

Gronk gives this Aussie the perfect money quote he’s looking for. “It’s great. He likes to eat ass.” Boom. Done. Drop the mic. Hop into your Uber. My work here is finished. But then it just goes on and on. Like when you see someone you know in a store and you idly chit chat for what seems like and appropriate amount of time. Then do that thing where your voice goes up an octave “Well! Gotta … get to … what I was mumble mumble …”  And then you bump into each other two aisles over. Finally by the end, he’s doing call backs. Giving the guy more lines like “He’s a wild man.” And “I’m glad he likes it fresh.” Very good one there. And still Crocodile Hunter (RIP) here won’t leave him alone.


Still, this is gold. Of course Gronk thinks it great. He’s been served up an all you can eat buffet of the finest booty in the country for years. Of course he and Brady are the kinds of 10th Level Black Belt bottom feeders that would make Stephen A. Smith question his manhood.  And they respect each other for it because game recognizes game. It’s just a same they can’t come on Barstool social media and celebrate it quietly, without being harassed by the paparazzi.